Yogini rosa Retreats

Yogini rosa Retreats are designed for women who are confronted with breast cancer. During this 6 day retreat, we offer activities, workshops and treatments specially designed to help cope with the effects of the disease. Both for the body and mind. Spending time with other women on the same journey can bring a different understanding, strength and energy. It can help in the process of dealing with breast cancer. The retreat is organised by an expert team of women, and is supported by volunteers who may have experienced the effects of the disease and the treatment themselves.

Yogini rosa activities


During your stay we offer a mixture of different healing yoga styles, which are suited for Yoginis at all levels. Yoga brings you relaxation and stimulates the self-healing abilities of the body. Yoga improves your fitness level, concentration and breathing. You will start to regain confidence in your body and its abilities. It will also help to support and release the physical and mental effects of the treatments.

Morning Meditation

Every day starts with a group meditation. Meditation helps to find greater self-understanding, peace and balance.

Mindfulness Workshop

The fight against the disease, the experience of the treatments and the recovery, all takes a lot of energy. By being in the moment and being aware, you start to learn how to deal with uncertainty, tiredness and a new reality. Mindfulness will support you to see things as they are and to trust your body again.


During the retreat, every Yogini rosa receives a massage treatments from a specialised therapist in massages for women who have had cancer.  Together you will decide which treatment fits you best.

Other workshops & activities

During your Yogini rosa Retreat there are several workshops and activities you can choose from. All activities will contribute to help finding your inner self, giving you peace and are fun to do.


Feed your body as well as your mind. All vegetarian meals, healthy snacks and homemade drinks are prepared with mostly organic products from our own garden or from farmers on the island. Our Yogi chefs are cooking every day with lots of love and attention a balanced menu.


A Yogini rosa Retreat is organised by a team of women with their own expertise: