Would you like to volunteer


Volunteer at a retreat?

We would love to welcome you to volunteer during our ‘Yogini rosa Retreats’. With your warmth, love and specialised knowledge, you can help our guests to experience an unforgettable week.

You can add your skills and passion to our guests, breast cancer survivors. You might be a breast cancer survivor yourself or close to one and wish to help others.


Every year we organise 20 Yogini rosa Retreats. During these weeks we form close teams with expert women like you, who are able to contribute their time, energy and skills to women who need it most.


Expertise and more

The minimum time to join the community as a volunteer is seven days. Your job will not only be in your field of expertise, but you will help when needed. The week is very intense, but you also gain a lot from the climate, the surroundings, the group and the team.

You are able to cope mentally and physically for a week with cancer survivors. You want to join the community out of interest and commitment to the guests and to the other team members. Speaking more than one language is a priority because we will also host guests from other countries.




Who do we need?

Yoga teacher

You are a certified yoga teacher and your lessons are an enhancing experience. You know about the healing aspect of yoga and you have experience with yoga and (breast) cancer. The week’s programme is scheduled, but we ask you to add the finishing touch. During the week you will be supported by other teachers who are part of the team on Tenerife.

Therapist massage

You are a certified specialist with experience in massages for women with breast cancer. During the week, you are able to give treatments to 14 women when they need it (2 times a week).

Mindfulness teacher

You are a certified mindfulness teacher and are able to offer yoginis mindfulness workshops. In case of pshychosocial issues, you are also able to support.

Yogi Chef

Honest, healthy and seasonal cooking with ingredients mostly from our own garden. Nutrition is an important part of the seven day Yogini retreat. You know all about the vegetarian kitchen and can easily prepare three balanced meals a day. You are able to improvise along dietary requirements (dairy free, gluten free, and other allergens).

You are creative and can make delicious healthy bites and the nicest drinks for a group of women who need their energy, but have not lost their taste.

You will be supported by colleagues of the permanent team. You are comfortable to host cooking workshops as well.




You are great in shooting spontaneous atmospheric pictures and know how to take photographs of people’s best sides. During the week you take photographs and make videos for the women to take home. The pictures will also be used on the website and blogs. You are also a yoga teacher, so you are able to support with the yoga lessons.


You are a blogger (or you always wanted to be one). You know how to relate to a Yogini rosa. Preferable you are multilingual, creative and you have the skill to translate the feelings and energy of the retreat to a nice story. It is important to make the Yogini rosa Retreats known to new Yoginis, supporters and potential partners. You are also a yoga teacher, so you are always able to support with the yoga lessons.


Staying longer than a week

If you are available for a longer period of time to join our team on Tenerife, we welcome the idea. Let us know and you might be joining us for a whole season with different retreats.

What is in it for you?

In exchange for your time and energy you will receive a lot gratitude, fun and love. You share a room with other volunteers on the finca. Your stay and meals on the finca, your flight and some functional expenses will be reimbursed by the Yogini rosa Foundation.

Something for you?

Do you recognise yourself in one of the jobs posted or do you know somebody who would fit in the team and would like to share her expertise and passion? Send a mail with motivation to mail@yoginirosa.com . So we can contact you. We’re looking forward to it!