Products & partners

Together with the love and time of volunteers and the generous donations of supporters, we are looking for partners who like to support the yoginis and the foundation with their products or services.

The foundation has rented a beautiful location for a longer period of time which still needs to be styled and furnished. It would be great if your company could sponsor a product or service (completely or partially) which would make the location complete for the yoginis.

Therefor the money saved by the foundation would be of benefit to the scholarships and the retreats.

A few practical examples:

  • Yoga mats for in the yoga shala
  • soft blankets for the Shavasana;
  • cushions for meditations
  • indoor and outdoor speakers for the shala
  • soap bars for the bathrooms
  • nice hammam covers for the sun terrace
  • personal reusable water bottles
  • crockery to make the food even taste nicer
  • Lovely furniture for in the living room
  • an amazingly long dinner table
  • hammocks for the whole estate
  • Buddha statues for in the garden
  • Yoga, meditation, mindfulness accessories
  • nice things for in a goodie bag
  • yogini rosa shirts
  • dressing gowns for every room

But also:

  • tickets for flights
  • legal advice or other services
  • printing of leaflets/brochures or other material for promotion purposes.

Do you feel you’ve got something on offer, please take contact us: or phone +31653167543