Yogini rosa Retreat
Indian Summer

28 Aug – 4 Sep




Recharge yourself in a safe environment away from home. A place where you can be totally yourself and enjoy things the way you like it. Nothing is needed, everything is allowed on a beautiful location on the Canary Islands of Tenerife.


A Yogini rosa Retreat is designed especially for you: you are a woman who has been confronted with breast cancer. It does not matter when, a short while ago or maybe years ago. What level of experience you have with yoga, meditation or mindfulness – doesn’t matter. You’re always welcome.


The price of the Yogini rosa Retreat in August is on Dana base, which means that it is already paid by another women and you can give what you can afford and what you want. Another women can than have benefits of this retreat with your donation.


During the seven day retreat, activities, workshops and treatments are offered which will help to cope with the effects of the disease and treatment. A Yogini rosa Retreat supports the recovery of the body and mind. Being together with other women on the same journey often gives a different understanding, strength and energy. It helps in the process of dealing with the effects of breast cancer.


During your stay we offer a mixture of different healing yoga styles, which are suited for every Yogini at every level. Yoga will bring you relaxation and stimulates the self-healing abilities of the body. Yoga improves your fitness levels, concentration and breathing. These facets support and release the physical and mental effects of the treatments.


Every day starts with a communal meditation. Meditation helps to find greater self-understanding, to find peace and balance.

MINDFULNESS WORKSHOP mindfulness workshop

The fight against the disease, the experience of the treatments and the recovery, it all takes a lot of energy. By giving attention to the moment, you learn how to deal with fear, tiredness and a new reality. Mindfulness shall support you to see things differently and to trust your body again.


During the retreat, every Yogini rosa receives two treatments from a specialized therapist in massages for women. She decides together with you which treatment fits you best.


During your seven day Yogini rosa Retreat there are several workshops and different activities. All will contribute to help finding your inner self, giving you peace and are fun to do. We will make a choice based on the season and composition of the group.

  • Mala beads (prayer beads) – make your own Yogini rosa mala beads
  • Mandalas – colouring in mandalas in silence brings you closer to your feelings
  • Help with the garden – put your hands in the earth, pick fruit from the gardens or just water the plants with the ‘manguera’
  • Deepen your knowledge – yoga philosophy, the background of yoga
  • Singing mantras under the stars – singing together before going to sleep
  • Ayurveda – Kapha Vata Pitta
  • Cooking class – inspire yourself to eat healthy and enjoy nice food
  • Painting and drawing – from your heart to paper/canvas
  • Pico del Teide – walk in silence or follow a yoga session in the crater of the highest mountain/volcano of Spain

WE LOVE FOOD Mindfulness workshop mindfulness

Healthy and tasty food is very important. All vegetarian meals, healthy snacks and homemade drinks are prepared with mostly organic products from our own garden or from farmers on the island. Our Yogi chefs are cooking every day with lots of love and attention a balanced menu. They are advised and inspired by fellow chefs from around the globe and dieticians.


The five day Yogini rosa Retreat is provided by a team of women with their own expertise. They are supported by a group of female volunteers who have experienced up close the effects of the disease and treatment often themselves.

  • Yoga teacher – an experienced yogini with a good heart
  • Masseur – knows that all women are different
  • Mindfulness trainer – totally focused on the here and now
  • Yogi chef – takes care of the tasty dishes and healthy drinks
  • Yogatographer – she puts perspectives and memories into pictures
  • Team Mandala de Masca – inspiring people who are all connected through our passions

The team is led by Monique Kwak – yoga teacher and self-experience expert.




 Multilingual English, Spanish & Dutch 

The team


Alison Melvin

Alison is a senior Yoga Alliance (E-RYT 500) accredited teacher and has many years of experience teaching group classes and teacher trainings in Yin and Restorative yoga. She is also a longtime practitioner of mindfulness meditation as well as a mindfulness trainer, having studied and practised in the UK, the US and NL.

Alison is excited to be part of the Yogini Rosa team of professional yoga teachers and therapists. She was first motivated to work with cancer patients following the death of her husband in 2011. Alison’s teachings are based on her own life experiences over many years and her knowledge was further deepened by an intensive study with Stichting Yoga & Kanker in 2012 (

Since 2009 Alison has taught drop in classes for ex-cancer patients as well as working as a volunteer teaching yoga to young women recovering from cancer with Stichting Belle & Balance in Amsterdam (

Alison is English speaking and she understands Dutch.

” My personal experience has given me an understanding of the emotional turmoil cancer creates for patients and their families alike. The healing that we are concerned with through yoga is not just about physical rehabilitation but the more subtle emotional and energetic work that happens inside and which we can’t see. Through my work as a yoga teacher, I have seen that yoga can support people living with cancer to look at the difficult emotions connected with illness while restoring a flow of healthy energy in the body. What interests me is the gentle healing that can be brought about when we start to make peace with our own pain and suffering and to come home to ourselves and our bodies. The simple tools of movement, breath and the practice of mindful awareness are very powerful tools for self-healing. This self-healing is empowering and beautiful to witness.”

“We are all just walking each other home – Ram Dass”





If you are interested, you can register yourself for your retreat week via the registration form that you can find under BOOK. We will personally contact you as soon as possible.

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